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Unlike for- profit organizations who know that they are in business to make money, not- for-profit groups tend to focus their energy on the service and mission of their organization. Often times they neglect to recognize the business aspect of their operations. Like for- profit businesses it is essential to the success of not-for-profit organizations to create an Economic Action Plan to generate revenue.

First Step:
To help your group or organization start Profit Building Methods the first thing to do would be to submit a request for an Economic Action Plan.

Next Step:
Once you submit your request, you’ll get an Economic Action Plan toolkit and our tips for running a successful campaign,

Based on the needs of your organization or group one of our Profit Building Strategist will help you, develop a strategy to cultivate and Economic Action Plan that will effectively and efficiently generate the revenue needed to achieve organizational goals.
Profit Building Methods
10 Key Factors All Groups Should Consider Before Pursuing Any Profit

Building Methods
Profit Percentage that offers un-limited Earning Potential
Don’t settle for 30-45% net profit potential. Look for products that provide up to 90% profit. These campaigns can offer un-limited Earning Potential for any organization.

Consider the Up-Front Cost
Profit Building Methods that offer High Profits, No - Risk, Low to No Start Cost

The leader in profit boosting fundraisers for over a decade we work with groups of all sizes. Some of these organizations have little to no money available to cover the cost of the fundraisers up front.

Shipping Cost
As a national company we offer our clients free nationwide shipping. Products can be delivered in less than five days.

National Recognition
Working with clients from across the U.S., we have a number of clients who live in small communities. Many of them were using our initiatives for the first time last year. Having experienced unsuccessful initiatives in the past they had not had the best of luck. We work with hundreds of big name national companies and services providers to provide the best options for our clients to successfully earn high profits.

Shelf Life / Perishable / Seasonal
Non Perishable the high profit products are backed by Merchant Agreements that are reusable. The time frame can be customized and extended an unlimited amount of times without losing any of its effectiveness. Offering great savings for participating donors all year long there are no seasonal restrictions, but there are seasonal benefits.

Contribution Level

Is the donation or product reasonably priced at or below $10?
Recognizing that good things come in small packages, high profit boosting investments are priced to move. The savings offered to donating participants is greater than the initial donation which is reasonably priced to decrease the donation price and increase the number of donors.

Wide Acceptance
Will the Profit Building Method be well received by all age groups and are the products sensitive to social trends
(diet, cultural trends, religious norms)
We we’re just about to embark upon our next fundraising activity, and because we were so pleased with the Scratch & Help fundraiser that we did with ABC Fundraising last year, we decided to do it again. It’s a great way to raise funds for our school. Many of our parents stated that it was fund and even returned for addition Booklets. I hope that we get an even better response this year! Cheryl Cousins

Can the organization’s name and logo be placed on the product? Can changes be made to reflect the needs of varying demographics?
At no additional cost your organization’s name and logo can be placed on the product, and using Local Merchant Agreements customized changes can be made to reflect the needs of your organizations and the communities it provides for and serves.

Is this a Profit Building Method that if successful could be used over and over in a given area?
Our soccer team had to raise money for new uniforms. We earned twice as much as we did with our candy sale and plan on doing it again next January. In total, our 55 boys raised over $3500.00!" -Scott Levine, Franklin Heights Youth Soccer
"In March our Church needed to raise money for a new building. It was a great success netting a total of $8,432.00. We have some left over books and plan on finishing them in the next few weeks. When we finish we will make over $13,000.00 which is just fantastic. Thank you for all of your help in this project." - Marsha Redding , 1st Baptist Church

Ease of Use
Is the concept easy to understand and carry out? Are repeated trips necessary to deliver product? Do you have to arrange your schedule to suit the needs of the fundraising company?
Easy, quick, and fun you will use less effort and see more revenue. We recommend running Profit Building Methods one at a time and for two to three weeks.

Fundraising Info

Contact Info

How did you find out about PCCP?
Your title (if needed)
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
City, State
Your Organization (if needed)
What is the purpose of your fundraising?
How much money do you predict you need to raise?
When will you need this money by?
Any additional fundraising info?
Not-for-profit and For-Profit organizations operate in the same economic atmosphere. Despite the purpose of the groups they both have a financial need to generate sufficient funds to cover the costs associated with operating a business. Expenses such as personnel, facilities, equipment, and general operating cost. Effective & Efficient Profit Building can be utilized by any group or organization.

Motivated Group Leaders

While some organizations have plenty of compassion and general desire to create change, they have little to no money available to cover the " cost" of their “ cause”. A highly motivated leader will have a profound effect on the participants performance.

Set Goals, (No Really: SET GOALS)

Like for- profit businesses it is essential to the success of not-for-profit organizations to generate revenue. The end result should be clear and specify exactly how proceeds will be used. It will be more worthwhile to the participants if they know what specific needs their efforts are helping to meet.

Inform the Participants

Engagement leads to participation. Generating revenue methods will only work if organization promotes a culture of communication with participants. Engaged parents should be aware of the fundraiser through verbal and written notice. The most effective way is begin the act of engaging before the campaign.

Active Engagement: Potential Assets

Everyone’s a Potential Asset. Having each participant make a list of people they plan to approach can help effectively focus efforts, and even if they only get half to participate they will have enough participants to successful complete a campaign. Some great examples of potential assets are family members, neighbors, local merchants, (corner stores, etc.) and religious affiliates.

Simplify the Method

Breaking down participants tasks into small increments of time is an easy way to encourage them to complete their goals. Example: When using the Scratch & Help Method, if participants can get 2 people a day to donate for 13 days, they will have raised $100.

Set A Deadline & Use Incentives
Make sure all the participants are aware of the due date to turn in the money. Incentives for your participants are always a great help. Setting money aside for prizes such as gift certificates or a pizza party, field lessons/trips, special events, etc. can be great motivational tools for member engagement and participation.

3 Day Follow Up
The group leader should stay on top of the participants at least every 3 days for the duration of the campaign. Acknowledge those who have been doing well, and help those who are dragging behind.
With as little as 40 engaged members in less than three weeks you can easily generate over $3,000.

Consult your Profit Building Strategist
While the needs of every organization are unique to their situations, the flexibility of our Profit Building Methods can efficiently maximize the full potential of the groups’ campaign efforts. It would be beneficial to the organization to keep in contact with your Profit Building Specialist.

Achieve Your Goals
Working with your strategist to create, implement, and complete your Profit Building Goals can help to ensure successful completion. Make sure to contact your strategist at least once a week.